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Message from Chief Matthew Peters



The 14 sworn officers and 8 civilian employees of the Saint Peter Police Department are all highly competent, dedicated and committed women and men who strive to meet the service demands of over 11,400 citizens, a population that is growing. The City of Saint Peter is located in the Minnesota River Valley, about 60 miles south of the greater Minneapolis/Saint Paul metropolitan area. A pleasant, warm climate (in the summer!) and strong economy are the primary features that serve to attract increasing numbers of people to Saint Peter. Growth presents both challenges and opportunities as we move through the 21st century.

It is rewarding and challenging for the members of the Saint Peter Police Department to serve our citizens. In so doing, we believe in CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES, ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE, and A POLICE/COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP.
As you move through our web site, you will learn about programs that foster and support the philosophy of Saint Peter, about programs to involve and encourage citizen involvement, about career opportunities, and about a police department with compassion for both victims of crime and police employees. Browse and enjoy.
Call us with your questions. Come back and visit us again. Be safe.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Saint Peter Police Department to provide services with integrity and dedication, to preserve life, to enforce the law, and to work in partnerships with the community to enhance the quality of life in the City of Saint Peter

Values of the Saint Peter Police Department

WE BELIEVE it is our primary responsibility to protect human life and dignity above all else. THEREFORE, we are committed to treating all human beings, including each other, with utmost respect, courtesy and concern.
WE BELIEVE that each and every member is valuable to the Saint Peter Police Department. THEREFORE, we are committed to ensuring our safety and supporting each other to achieve our full potential.
WE BELIEVE integrity is the basis of trust within our organization and for the people we serve. THEREFORE, we will strive to maintain the highest ethical standards of conduct in all of our activities.
WE BELIEVE it is our responsibility to protect each individual's constitutional rights and liberties. THEREFORE, as professionals, we will perform our duties within the guidelines of the law, without malice or prejudice.
WE BELIEVE as professionals we will always strive for excellence. THEREFORE, we will support continuous training, career development, modern equipment and methods, and professional attitudes and appearance among all members, and we will continuously and objectively evaluate our own performance and be receptive to new ideas and constructive changes.
WE BELIEVE we are accountable to each other and the people we serve, and recognize that we are responsible for our actions. THEREFORE, we are committed to ensuring that all members have full knowledge of their job responsibilities and that a fair and just system of accountability and reward is in place.
WE BELIEVE that in our policing activities we have important goals and objectives in common with the City of Saint Peter and that we will assist each other in accomplishing these goals. THEREFORE, we are willing to involve ourselves with City of Saint Peter employees at all levels of the organization to better conduct our police activities and achieve our common goals.
These are the values of the Saint Peter Police Department. They will form the basis of policy developed during the coming years, will provide guidance to all members of the department on how we will approach our mission, and will communicate our aspirations to the general public.

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