Water Meter - Remote Reader Verification Program

The City of Saint Peter Water Utility is conducting a water meter/remote verification program and is asking that each resident, whose property has an outside remote water reader, check the inside water meter reading and compare it to the outside remote meter reading.   

Our goal is to make sure that each water meter is reading accurately. Each property with remote readers received a letter with their meter information around February 1st.  The letters are to be completed and returned by February 16th.

If you have any questions, please call Chris Voeltz at (507) 934-0670. 

If you need help reading your meters you may call the Finance Department at (507) 934-0664 and they can have a meter reader assist you.

Thank you for your help.

Click here for a blank letter and additional information

The serial number on the inside water meter is located on the brass (raised numbers and may need to be cleaned to read).  This is where the pipe enters the meter.

Please wait to complete the verification until you can access both the inside meter and the remote reader.  We do need BOTH readings at the same time for the verification to be valid.

If you have both Domestic and Irrigation water meters you will have to provide two inside readings and two outside remote readings.