Planning & Zoning - 5:30

April 6, 2017


April 6, 2017

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Saint Peter was conducted in the Governors' Room of the Community Center on April 6, 2017.  A quorum present, Chairperson Andy Davis called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.  The following Commissioners were present:  Davis, Joe Urban, Ken Rossow, Scott Fichtner, and Kelly Henry.  Commission members Jeff Brand and John Kvamme were absent. Visitors present were Pastor Braun, River of Life Church, and Contractor Dan Voss. City staff present were Community Development Director Russ Wille and Administrative Secretary Cindy Moulton. 

Approval of Agenda – A motion was made by Rossow, seconded by Urban, to approve the agenda as presented.  With all in favor, the agenda was approved.

Approval of Minutes – A motion was made by Fichtner, seconded by Rossow, to approve the minutes of the Regular April 6, 2017 meeting with the correction of a spelling error.  With all voting aye, the minutes were approved as amended.

River of Life Church (Conditional Use Permit) – Expansion

The River of Life Church has submitted a Conditional Use Permit in order to amend their Conditional Use Permit to allow for a 3,000 square foot addition to the west side of the church sanctuary.

Wille stated that the property is zoned (C-5) Business/Professional Office.  Religious Assembly is an allowable Conditional Use within the C-5 district.

There are 54 parking spaces upon the current site.  The zoning ordinance requires 1 parking spot for every 5 seats for a “Religious Assembly” use.  With the planned addition, there would be seating for 206 parishioners.  Wille stated that the current parking stalls exceed the number as required by the City Ordinance.  Wille noted that the church plans to add approximately 70 new parking stalls in a parking lot planned for the northwest portion of the property. 

Wille stated that the standards contained in Article VII of Chapter 24 of the Saint Peter City Code address seventeen standards that must be met in order to approve a Conditional Use Permit.  He reported that he did not identify any potential conflict between an expanded church operation at 830 North Sunrise Drive and the permitted uses within the immediate vicinity.

Wille recommended that the Conditional Use Permit be granted.

Rossow asked if there are plans to remove existing trees.  Braun stated they do not plan to remove trees at this time.

Fichtner felt there was plenty of room for the expansion.  He asked how the storm water would be handled.  Wille stated that they are working with Public Works Director Pete Moulton to address the issue and insured the Commission they standards will be met.

A motion was made by Rossow, seconded by Henry to introduce Resolution No. 2017-03 entitled, “Resolution Recommending The Unconditional Approval Of A Conditional Use Permit Application Submitted By River Of Life Church To Allow For The Expansion Of Religious Assembly At 830 North Sunrise Drive”.  With all members voting aye, the Resolution was passed and adopted.

1115 South Minnesota (Rezoning) RP- to C-4

Raymond and Ramona Buttenhoff, owners of 1115 South Minnesota Avenue, have submitted a petition seeking rezoning of their property from RP-1 Residential and Professional Offices to C-4, Highway Service Commercial.

Wille explained the location and zoning of the properties surrounding 1115 South Minnesota Avenue.   He indicated that Buttenhoff’s property is separated from the properties to the north by an east-west alley.  The northern properties are zoned RP-1 and are typically occupied as single family residences. 

The properties to the east of the property includes a mixture of residential and industrial uses.  The properties to the east are zoned RP-1 as well as (I-2) General Industrial.  Buttenhoff’s property is separated from the properties to the east by the north-south alley.

The properties across Minnesota Avenue (Highway #169) are zoned RP-1 and have been developed predominately for residential purposes.

The petitioners are requesting to rezone their property to match the 1999 commercial rezoning of the former Mary’s Flower site (1123 South Minnesota Avenue).  Upon approval, Buttenhoff’s plan to sell their property to the adjoining property owners to allow the site to be developed in concert with the vacant Mary’s Flower site.

Wille stated that utilities adequately serve the property for either residential or commercial usage.

Rossow asked what types of businesses qualify in a C-4 District.  Wille listed off various Conditional and Unconditional uses. 

Rossow questioned the affect the rezoning would have on the surrounding properties.  Members didn’t feel it would be any more disruptive than Mary’s Flowers was.

Wille stated that a Public Hearing is scheduled at the April 24, 2017 City Council meeting.

Urban said he has heard concerns from residents on Front Street with the already increased traffic.

Fichtner felt the rezoning is within the confines of the Comprehensive Plan.  He added that the adjoining properties along with the alley’s helps with his decision.

Rossow said the rezoning makes sense but is concerned with the impact it would have on the neighbors. 

Henry also said it makes sense on paper but she expressed her concern regarding the “look” 10 – 20 years down the road. 

Wille stated that the potential development will likely have a strip mall presentation.  He also added that the developers maybe asking for TIF.

Urban said that the goal of the Planning and Zoning Commission is to decide whether or not the rezoning is appropriate and to make a recommendation to the City Council.

A motion was made by Fichtner, seconded by Davis to introduce Resolution No. 2017-04 entitled, “Resolution Recommending An Amendment To Saint Peter City Code Chapter 24 By Rezoning Lot 9, Block 194, Amended Plat Of Saint Peter From (RP-1) To (C-4) Highway Service Commercial District”.  With All members voting aye, the Resolution was passed and adopted.


Granny Pods – Wille reported that he has yet to find a community that is willing to allow granny pods.

Public Comment - Wille reported that after the January Planning and Zoning meeting, Rossow approached him as asked if it would be beneficial to have public comment at meetings.

Davis did not feel it was necessary if a public hearing was going to be held at a future City Council meeting.  

Urban expressed his interest in hearing the publics concerns.

Rossow felt that those that have a vested interest should have the right to speak.

Fichtner added that guests should only be allowed to speak on an agenda item.

Wille said he would draft a set of rules regarding public comment and distribute them to members for their review.


There being no further business, a motion was made by Urban, seconded by Rossow, to adjourn.  With all in favor, the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 6:12 p.m.