P & Z MINUTES - JUNE 1, 2017

June 1, 2017

June 1, 2017

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Saint Peter was conducted in the Governors' Room of the Community Center on June 1, 2017.  A quorum present, Chairperson Andy Davis called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.  The following Commissioners were present:  Davis, Ken Rossow, Scott Fichtner, Jeff Brand and John Kvamme.  Absent were members Kelly Henry and Joe Urban. Visitors present were Pastor Thomas Braun and Nick Magelle (River of Life Lutheran Church) and Daniel Dinsmore representing the Capitol Room Event Center.  City staff present were Community Development Director Russ Wille and Administrative Secretary Cindy Moulton.  

Approval of Agenda – A motion was made by Kvamme, seconded by Fichtner, to approve the agenda as presented.  With all in favor, the agenda was approved. 

Approval of Minutes – A motion was made by Fichtner, seconded by Brand, to approve the minutes of the Regular May 4, 2017 with a correction of the date to April 16, 2017 under Approval of Agenda.  With all voting aye, the minutes were approved as amended. 

River of Life Church (830 Sunrise Dr) Conditional Use Permit – Transitional Housing

The River of Life Church was granted an unconditional, conditional use permit (CUP) to establish their new church (Religious Assembly) at 830 Sunrise.  In March, 2017, the Church requested and was granted an amendment to the prior CUP to allow for a 3,000 square foot expansion of the church sanctuary. 

At this time, the Church is asking for an additional amendment to their conditional use permit to allow for (6) six multi-family housing units to provide transitional housing for those in need. Wille stated that the property is zoned (C-5) Business/Professional Office.  Multifamily Residential is an allowable Conditional Use in the C-5 district. 

Wille stated the project does not include enlarging the structure but renovating the interior of the north wing.   He also said that with the addition of multifamily, the minimum parking requirements (9) would be met. 

Pastor Braun said the Church has been working with an architect to design the units.  Pastor Bruan assured the Commission that there was a need for this type of housing in the area.  

Pastor Braun indicated the Church had also been working with Partner for Affordable Housing out of Mankato.  He stated that the 6 units would be rented to persons or families that are currently facing hardships.  The rent would be minimal and the stay could be anywhere from 6 – 24 months. 

Brand asked if there was a plan to use the housing for state hospital residents transitioning into the community.  Braun stated the guidelines are strict and they do not plan to rent to those transitioning from the Regional Treatment Center.

Rossow said there was several definitions for “transitional”.  He felt 24 months was excessive for a renter to reside in this type of housing.  Pastor Braun replied that the stay is usually 6 – 12 months with 9 months being the average. 

Rossow asked if this project would be long term.  Pastor Braun indicated that the housing would be long term. 

Kvamme commented this was a wonderful addition to the community.

A motion was made by Kvamme , seconded by Brand  to introduce Resolution No. 2017-06 entitled, “Resolution Recommending The Unconditional Approval Of A Conditional Use Permit Application  Submitted By River Of Life Lutheran Church To Allow For The Establishment Of Six (6) Transitional Housing Units at 830 North Sunrise Drive”.  Members Davis, Fichtner, Brand and Kvamme voting aye, Member Rossow abstaining, the Resolution was passed and adopted.

Daniel Dinsmore (419 South Minnesota) Conditional Use Permit – Capitol Room Event Center

Daniel Dinsmore has entered into a lease with Building Good Communities LLC for the property located at 419 South Minnesota.  Mr. Dinsmore is seeking approval of a Conditional Use Permit for the establishment of a Public Assembly (Event Center) at this property.

Wille reviewed the history of the building.  The historic building was constructed in 1913 and used as an Armory.  Since the Amory was discontinued the building was used for a variety of other businesses. 

The property is zoned (CBD) Central Business District and is subject to the Heritage Preservation Overlay provisions.  As per the National Register of Historic Places, the property is considered a “contributing building” to the Saint Peter Commercial Historic district.

Mr. Dinsmore is in the process of repurposing the structure for the establishment of The Capitol Room Event Center.  Wille said according to the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, the proposed use would be considered a “Public Assembly”.  Public Assembly is allowed in the CBD as a Conditional Use.

There are seventeen (17) standards which must be considered for each proposed Conditional Use Permit.  Wille mentioned he was concerned with the availability of parking until he and Dinsmore counted approximately 190 on street spaces available for public use. An additional 64 off street spaces are provided in parking lot #5.  

Rossow commented that South Front Street was already congested with parking and additional cars may pose a bigger problem.  Dinsmore said the availability of diagonal parking along the side streets should help eliminate some of the additional congestion.

Kvamme said parking spaces in parking lot #5 were not guaranteed if the lot was sold and developed.  Wille said at the present time, the lot could be utilized.  Wille stated that City Administrator Todd Prafke, Director of Public Works Pete Moulton and himself discussed the possibility of making parking lot #5 into 24 hour parking versus the current no parking 2 a.m. – 6 a.m.  Wille added that Dinsmore planned to contact the Nicollet County Commissioners to inquire if the county parking lot would be available to use on weekends and non-business hours.

The first event is planned for September 23, 217.  Rossow asked if most events were scheduled on weekends and/or after hours.  Dinsmore indicated the events would likely be scheduled for evenings and weekends. Ken expressed his satisfaction with this project and said it was a nice addition to the community. 

Discussion was held on the occupancy load allowed in the building.  Wille stated that Building Inspector Dean Busse was in the process of analyzing the number.  Kvamme indicated that he would like to know the number of occupants allowed in the building prior to the Board of Appeals and Adjustments meeting.

Wille recommended that an unconditional, Conditional Use Permit be approved as petitioned by Mr. Dinsmore.

A motion was made by Kvamme , seconded by Rossow to introduce Resolution No. 2017-07 entitled, “Resolution Recommending The Unconditional Approval Of A Conditional Use Permit Application Submitted By Daniel Dinsmore For The Establishment Of Public Assembly (Event Center) At 419 South Minnesota Avenue” with the addition of 2)  The Planning and Zoning Commission recommends that the Board of Appeals & Adjustments unconditionally approve the Conditional Use Permit submitted by the Daniel Dinsmore subject to the calculation of  the occupancy load by the Building Official.  All members voting aye, the Resolution was passed and adopted.


Outlot A, Hallett Pond Addition– Rezone – The City Council approved the rezoning of Outlot A, Hallett Pond Addition. Soil borings have been completed.  Wille said he is unaware if the owner or prospective buyer of property ordered the soil borings. 

Historic Assett Preservation – Wille reported he has not yet visited other historic communities such as Stillwater and Red Wing to inquire how the communities keep a balance between residential and commercial properties.

Name Plates – Wille is in the process of ordering name plates for the Commission.


There being no further business, a motion was made by Rossow, seconded by Fichtner, to adjourn.  With all in favor, the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.