Facility Availability

Find out if a facility you want to reserve is available: meeting rooms/gymnasium in the

community center, ball fields, library meeting room, park shelters.  See below to make a reservation.

Process to check for Facility Availability:

Step 1  Click https://apm.activecommunities.com/saintpeter/Home 
            or click on  “Recreation Registration” from the top of the City of Saint Peter home page.

Step 2  Click the “Facility Availability”.

Step 3  Click the “View Facilities” Button.

Step 4  On the left margin filter by which type of facility you would like to view or select Facility List or Facility Type List.

Step 5  After you have selected the desired facility, select "View Facility", 

Step 6  Once the calendar is displayed, you will see what dates and times are available
             Any times that are displayed are available for you to make a reservation.

Step 7  Once you have determined that your facility, date and time is available
             contact the Recreation and Leisure Services Department to secure the facility, 
             date and time and pay fees/deposit if applicable. This process only shows facility availability.

             You may not reserve a facility on-line; this must be done by Recreation staff.

Make a reservation one of the following ways: